9 maps that tell you all you need to know about Finland

Finland represents many things to many people. So, how do you get a true perspective of what the country is really like? One very effective, and fun way, is to look at some of the fun maps shared by Finland’s most popular social media publisher, Very Finnish Problems. Here’s nine that give you a fabulous picture of a fantastic country.








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  1. Why is the Finland-North Korea relation so special if Russia also borders Norway, which is further from North Korea?

  2. Finland is a country still facing political persecution towards its original inhabitants and abuse by historical royal line families. They stick deeply in Finnish governmental system and use Finnish flag, illegally to their own needs abroad. They have translated their names to Finnish and justify their national and international state fraud with obsession to inherited capitalism and power.

    • Behind the Russo-Norwegian border there is mainly tundra. Stones and peat are cheap there! Moreover, it is a long way to the Russian border from the Southern part of Norway, which is the densest inhabited area of the country.

      Finns do travel to Russia to buy alcohol, but you can travel to Estonia cheaply and without a visa. The visa to Russia costs at least around 80 euros and processing takes around a week. Moreover, there are cruise ferries sailing between Helsinki and Tallinn, and many people enjoy the two to four hour voyage. There are many people in the Northern Estonia able to speak Finnish at least a bit, so, communication in Estonia is easier. So, there are many reasons to prefer Estonia.

  3. The problems with importing alcohol from Russia are that you can only bring:
    -4 l wine (flat, no sparkling)
    -16 l beer
    -1 l of over 22% alcohol content
    -2 l of alcohol with max 22% alcohol content (other than wine of beer)

    You also need a visa and you have to be min. 20h in Russia. So no day trips.

    You can do a booze cruise to Tallinn under 7h.

  4. If you are not Finnish born and learned Finnish as a child you will never learn to pronounce Finnish words correctly,

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