8 Very Finnish Problems that show how much Finns love sauna

Think of Finland and it’s likely one of the first things that comes to mind is sauna. Hardly surprising when you consider the country has 3 million of the steamy rooms and that, for centuries, Finns used the sterile environment for everything from personal hygiene and births, to cooking, and of course, relaxation. Now, just when you thought this adoration couldn’t get any more intense along comes Helsinki Sauna Day. This unique event opens the doors to private saunas, citywide, for everyone to enjoy. In homage to an awesome idea, we’ve got together with Finland’s favourite Facebook page, Very Finnish Problems, to showcase exactly why Finns are so set on the delights of sauna.






















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  1. Farting in sauna is considered as a major crime, no matter if you are alone or not. The sauna gnome will make your butt go scab.

  2. Personally, the one place I’d rather Finns wouldn’t speak is sauna. Never no why they suddenly get so sociable there.

    • Estonian EDF troops which were deployed in Afganistan from 2006-2014. builded at least two saunas there. Both of them were brought back in 2014.
      Finnish peacekeepers who are deployed in Lebanon have also saunas.

    • Yes it`s real: During the Suez crisis there was a contingent of Finnish UN-peacekeepers and as soon as they were stationed their first task was to erect a sauna! The local arabs had a jaw-dropping sight!

  3. Finns would speak more if their words weren’t so long and difficult to pronounce. I noted big differences between fellow Americans who speak volumes of “small talk” about nothing and Finns who will skip the formalities of greeting w a raised eyebrow and change “would you please pass the butter” with “butter” as the rest was implied. I also marveled at their propensity for obedience and order when seeing them wait at a stop light before crossing a street at midnight on deserted streets.

  4. What can say more about relaxing than: Sauna near lake, sun is start to get down, you and your friends sit in bench wit some cold drink in hand after being in +110c sauna and jump to lake after that. Just relax and get cool. If you have tress just try this sometime and any your problems just go away even little time.

  5. In Finland, sauna is a place where you are stripped of everything that implicates your status or wealth. In sauna we are all equal (and nude) as new born babies. I think understanding this helps also to understand why we allow ourselves to be social in sauna.

  6. Actually, in sauna we aren´t all so equal what we want to think, because there your status is directly proportional to the size of your dick.

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