This incredible Finnish app will guarantee you wow your mum on Mother’s Day

Jevelo mom you are the best

Mother’s Day is all about showing the wonderful, hard-working mothers in your life just how much they mean to you. Naturally, we all want to make an effort to show our love every day of the year, but Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to make a statement with the perfect gift.

The best Mother’s Day gifts are meaningful and unique. But let’s be honest – many of us struggle with coming up with a gift idea that is truly original. Happily, Jevelo is here to help. Jevelo is a Finnish company who create personalized, one-of-a-kind jewelry based on your images. All you need is a mobile phone and an idea, and Jevelo does the rest. Dream it up, snap a pic, and with just a few tweaks, you’ll soon have a unique pendant that the mother in your life is sure to love.

The sky’s the limit, so let your imagination run wild. To get the gears turning, we’ve put together a few of our own ideas for thoughtful Mother’s Day gifts. Take a look and get inspired!

A memory she can keep close to her heart


Kids grow up so quickly, don’t they? If you have little ones, then you already know the importance of a camera to capture all of those fleeting moments. Photo albums are wonderful for storing treasured memories, but sometimes the most special moments deserve to be kept even closer to the heart.

With Jevelo, you can design and create a necklace from your favorite photos. Family portraits, candid captures, or a photo of mother and child can all be turned into a beautiful pendant that mom will love to wear. If you’re looking for an original gift this Mother’s Day, fear not — every pendant is as unique as the loved ones in the photo.

Doodles and drawings that dazzle

Jevelo mothers day drawing

If your child is a budding artist, it’s a fair wager that nearly every inch of fridge space in your home is covered with colorful doodles and drawings. And who is the artist’s biggest fan? Mom, of course! By turning one of your child’s artworks into a necklace, she can show her patronage of the arts and keep a piece of childhood creativity with her every day. Kittens, robots, the family dog – the only limit is your child’s wild imagination!

Words that mean the world

Jevelo mothers day quote

We all know the power of words. These days, wearable words are especially popular. Is there a quote from literature that inspires mom throughout motherhood? Something hilarious that your toddler asked at the dinner table? Or even an inside family joke that you don’t want to forget? No matter what words inspire or amuse your family, you can turn them into a pendant that is truly one of a kind.

Tiny reminders of childhood

Jevelo mothers day footprints

Parenthood is filled with tiny treasures that should be collected and remembered. Baby footprints or handprints are one example of a childhood keepsake that many parents love to have. Best of all, prints are a cinch to do!

A Mother’s Day classic

Jevelo mom necklace

Ahh, the old classic. A necklace that says Mom is a beloved, timeless gift for Mother’s Day. But on this special holiday, you want your gift to go the extra mile. Why not put your own spin on an old classic? You can design your very own personalized Mom pendant, in a style that you know she’ll love. If a Mom necklace isn’t quite her thing, names, initials, or birthdates might be. You know her better than we do!

Think the mother in your life will love a one-of-a-kind gift this year? Download the app, available for both iOS and Android, and get started today. Mother’s Day is right around the corner, so be quick!

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  1. Minimalism is awesome! And have to agree, going for the doodles one is a no-brainer, it’s by far the most creative and unique one. Plus, you have a lot of art to choose from and you can also ask your kid to do a special request, a custom-made doodle for his own mom.

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