5 crazy-but-real options for urban commuting – and a Finnish one that will change the way we move

Martin jetpack

Haven’t we all thought about how to save time and money on life’s daily commutes? Owning a car is the ultimate convenience, but it costs a fortune and yet still breaks down the moment you need it the most. But without that precious car, how can you get from point A to point B quickly and easily?

What you might not know is this: forecasts show that the revenues for global mobility market will exceed 1 trillion dollars by 2030. Thanks to keen-eyed entrepreneurs, the vast market of urban commuting is booming with tons of fresh ideas. Just take a look at these five funny-but-functional ideas that can help you tackle urban travel, and one that we think is going to change how we move about our cities forever.

Multifunctional Olaf backpack

Olaf backpack

It’s a scooter, trolley and skateboard all in one, for the coolest of the cool in urban travel.

Martin Jetpack

Martin jetpack

Fly away to work! Don’t worry, it comes with a parachute.

Kolelinia Lab Halfbike

Hop on and try not to pierce yourself with the steering stick!



Dashing through the snow, on a Swedish Winter Bike

Ryno Microcycle

ryno microcycle

Daily commute, Mad Max style. Maybe you’ll meet a young Mel Gibson on the way?

These gadgets are brilliant for laughs, but in fact the most far-reaching and revolutionary idea of all comes from Finland. It is called MaaS (Mobility as a Service) and it will totally change the way we move.

The revolution is already starting in the Helsinki region, with the launch of the MaaS-based Whim app this October. It’ll bring us all the transport we need on all inclusive monthly packages, with the option to try the app on a pay-as-you-go basis too.

To start with, we can travel on public transport, taxis and rental cars, but there’ll be many more options added soon. Whim can be preordered from today, for a chance to get more than 50% off your subscription till the end of the year.

Find out more and pre-order Whim here.


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  1. waiting on a already late bus about an hour in -25 degrees, with as thick and warm clothes you can have on but still may be freezing some part off, the sun is already gone for the day, with an freezing wind blowing with no shelter and probably a blizzard on it’s way is no fun. Anything helps with that I am sold. 🙂

  2. Love the Whim idea that I could easily use a taxi when needed or rent a car without counting my pennies and spending time looking for the best deal… I can’t afford and also don’t want have my own car (I’ve been sitting half of my life in a car in the Finnish countryside, because there is no other option…)

  3. Helsinki early February was a pleasant Experience even in the snow. There is absolutely No Traffic and public transport and commutertrains are an example of correct service even in winter

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