25 childhood pleasures that you will never grow out of

1. Hopping on the back of a shopping trolley and riding it like a scooter.

2. Popping bubble wrap.

3.  Jumping into piles of Autumn leaves.

4. Sliding on hardwood or linoleum floors in your socks.

5. Trying to catch snowflakes with your tongue.

6. Filling your bath with loads and loads of bubbles.

7. Running up the stairs as fast as you can.

8. Keeping a balloon in the air for as long as possible during balloon tennis.

9. Hugging your mum.

10. Riding your bike through puddles.

11. Blowing “smoke” from your mouth in the winter.

12. Drinking chocolate milk.

13. Getting tucked into bed like a bug in a rug.

14. Jelly Babies and any other jelly sweets you can bite the head off.

15. Sleeping with your closet door closed, just in case there lurk monsters.

16. Filling in colouring books.

17. Getting praise from your parents.

18. Eating sugary cereal like Coco Pops.

19. Lego

20. Throwing water bombs.

21. Belting out Disney songs like “I’m the King of the Swingers” full blast.

22. Waterslides.

23. Smiling when you hear the ice cream truck’s bell ringing.

24. Laughing when the ketchup bottle makes a fart noise.

25. Pretending to use magic when you come to an automatic door.


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