25 little things you can do to make your partner love you even more

1. Write a short letter to them listing the reasons you love them and post it to them at work.

2. Throw a towel in the dryer while they’re in the shower and give it to them just as they get out.

3. On cold nights, got to bed a few minutes earlier than them and lay on their side of the bed. When they crawl in, move over leaving their side toasty-warm.

4. Send them a time-capsule email.

5. Every so often put a sticky note on something in the house, saying why you love it.  “I love this lamp because it lets us read together at night” or “I love this table, because it is where we share dinner conversations”.

6. Start a journal with them. Write about your life with them for a week then swap over and have them write it for a week.  It will become a book of love letters.

7. Do their boring chores, unprompted. Go fill up their car’s gas tank, do their washing up, fold their clothes. ´

8. Get them a mug with a chalkboard surface. Then when you make them tea always draws a little picture.

9. Give them random, unsolicited massages.

10. Make them dinner sometimes wearing only an apron.

11. Give them a deck of cards on each card write something about them you love.

12. Draw them a comic right now and give it to them.

13. If you up wake up first, bring them a cup of tea while they’re still in bed.

14. Give them a free wish card to use whenever they want something done, which they can’t talk you into doing.

15. For your anniversaries, create a book detailing all the random/funny things that happened in the last year so you can read it to any future kids you have.

16. Find an old cassette walkman and make them a mixtape of songs they’ll like. Mail the walkman to them with the tape inside, even if you live in the same bed.

17. Give them something they said they want, but that they doesn’t think you heard or noticed.

18. Write”I love you” on fifty tiny bits of paper and hid them in everything around the house. So every once in a while, while they’re doing something boring and random, they’ll find a reminder.

19. Make them something they can’t buy.

20. Sneak note into their books.

21. Get their favorite candies and spell messages out on their bed.

22. Give them a handwritten coupon book for little things that they enjoy or escapes from things they hates.

23. Clean. Without prompting.

24. Read to them before they go to bed

25. Bake them bread as much as possible.

Image via Julian Mason


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  1. So many simple things but that’s all it takes to make people love you more. it’s the little things people 🙂

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