17 reasons why you should never visit Finland in the summer

Finland is very well known for its wintery delights. But what’s it like during the summertime? To give you a clearer picture, we’ve come up with 17 reasons why you should never, ever visit during this snow-free, sun-kissed time of the year.

The beaches are always so crowded.

And it’s too cold to swim anyway.

We are sailing

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 The countryside is pretty ordinary.

This is how to enjoy the sunset ?

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Plus, it’s boring for pets.

As for cottage life, it’s far too much hard work.

The thinker

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And you can’t see Northern Lights in summer.

While the short nights mess with your head.

Perfect ending to a perfect day ?

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The cities are crazy hectic too

Good morning #Helsinki

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And the locals can be dull.

Juggle your face next to the Main Stage! #flow15 #facejuggle #FlowFeeling Photo: © Annikki Valomieli

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The bar terraces aren’t so great, either.


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Nor the coffeeshops.

La petite cabane au bord de l'eau… #finland #Helsinki #caferegatta

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There’s not much for kids to do…

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…hardly anything at all.

And it’s not much better for adults, by day..

…or by night.

Thanks Girls ? #vettälasissa #jalatrakoilla #white

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What’s more, the festivals are too small…

Massive crowd!! Pet Shop Boys (UK) finished off main stage tonight. Photo ©: @jussihellsten

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…and the sports events are too big.

#kaljakellunta #kaljakellunta2014 #beerfloating #finland

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No, there’s no reason to go to Finland in the summertime.

bestshortstorywritersJoel Willans is the Co-Founder of Ink Tank Media, Editor of  Inktank.fi and creator of Finland’s more viral Facebook page, Very Finnish Problems. A prize-winning author, his stories have been published worldwide and on BBC radio. His first book, Spellbound: Stories of women’s magic over men, was published in the UK in 2013. His second book, 101 Very Finnish Problems: A foreigners guide to surviving in Finland is due out in June.

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10 replies
  1. Olli
    Olli says:

    Yeah, bar terrace really are a nightmare in summer. Especially when it is so warm and all the girls are out 🙂 🙂

  2. Liinu
    Liinu says:

    I hate those oven fresh cinnamon buns at Cafe Regatta! And the free second cup of coffee they insist on giving you… 😀

  3. delfin c. montalvo jr.
    delfin c. montalvo jr. says:

    Yup! ,,been there and just visited a few places but I can’t have enough of the good people and places. There’s no reason to visit Finland; I missed it so much, I want to stay !! 😛 🙂


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