16 tragically funny tweets that show what people think of Brexit in 5 words


Whoever would’ve believed that petty internal Conservative Party politics would lead to a moment like this. Thanks to David Cameron’s reckless gamble going spectacularly wrong, the UK has voted to leave the EU. Predictably, the speed at which the Leave campaign backpedaled on their promises was only matched by the speed at which everything went tits up. Turns out those pesky experts, shoving their qualifications down our throats, were right. The pound plummeted to a 31 year low, the SNP called for another Scottish independence referendum, the Prime Minister resigned and 24 years of EU contributions were wiped off the value of the stock market, all before breakfast.

Needless to say, not everyone was dancing in the streets at their new found “freedom”. Indeed, even Boris Johnson, who was roundly booed and abused when he left his house yesterday was noticeably somber about the result. Happily, one thing that hasn’t changed is British people’s talent for comedy. So, to celebrate that, and to highlight what many people think of this monumental idiocy, here are 16 of the best #Brexitin5words tweets.

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    • Lol! Beautifully demonstrating the idiocy that got us into this shit storm to begin with. The UK is, and always has been, a SOVEREIGN nation. Nothing this vote does will change that. What it does change is that the whole country is now utterly screwed.

  1. People saying there will be civil unrest if Brexit doesn’t happen clearly haven’t read the polls on the demographics of leave voters. Not as if they’re going to be slinging their zimmer frames at riot police is it?

  2. As an Australian this has been quite interesting to watch. Our country went through and successfully adapted after the end of the Imperial free trade agreements of the past days of empire. So it will be interesting to see Britain once again regain her sovereignty and adapt accordingly. These are interesting times ahead no matter which side of the fence a Brit may stand, change is upon them, and they will adapt and grow under their changed circumstances.

  3. Is there some way we could put all the brexit voters together with the Trump voters and just shuttle them the fuck off into space somehow!? Where they could all live together in the Hell they create? Where they could all keep voting for things they dont understand?!

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