13 political posters that show why the world needs to change

With so many issues challenging society at the moment, it’s sometimes tempting to lull ourselves with trivial distractions. But don’t worry help is at hand. One very immediate and very powerful way to refocus our minds on sorting out this wonderful world is the political poster. It has a long and colourful history and now, thanks to “Mut Zur Wut” (courage to rage) an international poster contest held in Heidelberg, Germany, it’s having a renaissance. This year over 2,600 posters were received from 1312 artists from 50 countries. Here is a selection of the best from the last five years.

Antonio de Oliveira Netto - Death blow

Antonio de Oliveira Netto – Death blow

SandraGratz- All over

Sandra Gratz- All over


Gorilla- East meets West

Gorilla- East meets West


MarulaDiComo FlorenciaYoungMIGRANTJOB

Marula Di Como + Florencia Young- Migrant job 



Timm Henger – Safety first



Andrew Lewis – Tired


Deborah Mayer – Vision for the future 



Leander Aßmann – Monitoring Adoption 



Markus Matthew Scholz – Escapism



Kikker Billen – Libertas, Securitas, Justitia


Matthias Diedrich – Pure Life


Sophia Pantev- Facebook


Timo Meyer – If it bleeds, it leads

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  1. Thanks for putting these together. If only urban ad space could be taken over by posters like this rather than the corporate brainwashing to which we are used, things might even change. Who knows.

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