13 wonderfully weird facts about our wonderfully weird world

odd facts about our universe

Do you need a quick sense of bewilderment to remind yourself about the weird nature of the universe in which we dwell? At Ink Tank, we love to share all kinds of facts, from happy facts that make you smile to downright odd facts. Read on to discover a few strange facts that will make you marvel at the universe.

1. Oxford University predates the Aztec civilization.

2. Adolf Hitler’s nephew William Patrick Hitler wrote an essay called, “Why I Hate my Uncle”. It was published in London’s Look Magazine in 1938. W.P. Hitler, born in Liverpool, lived in Germany for a while but moved to the US and enlisted in the military to fight in World War II.
William Patrick Hitler - AVISO

3. Rome is farther north than New York City.

4. Single photons can behave differently if they are observed, a phenomenon demonstrated by the Double Slit Experiment. Take that, sanity.

5. Caterpillars undergoing metamorphosis dissolve almost completely before transforming into butterflies. Enzymes inside the pupa break down the whole creature into goo, with very specific, fairly recently confirmed exceptions. For example, some neurons are preserved because the insect preserves some memories from its larval state.

6. The oldest still-running restaurant in the world is older than the European printing press.


7. Don’t eat the liver of a polar bear. Or one from a bearded seal, walrus, moose or husky. The high Vitamin A contents might end up killing you.

8. Keep on Rollin’: A human traveled to the moon before wheeled luggage was a thing.


9. BBQ Time! In 1962, a trash burning in Pennsylvania ignited a still burning coal mine fire that is expected last for centuries.

10. Speaking of BBQ traditions, second and third US presidents John Adams and Thomas Jefferson both died on July 4th, 1826.

11. German brothers Adolf Dassler and Rudolph Dassler founded a sports shoe company: Gebrüder Dassler Schuhfabrik. After a falling out, the two brothers continued separate operations under the names Adidas and Puma.


12. Some blind people are able to use the visual parts of the brain for mapping their surroundings using echolocation.

13. In the 90s, a guy called Bob happened to own the domain name Windows2000.com. Microsoft happened to own Bob.com. They performed a trade.

Have an odd fact in mind? Share it with us below. The stranger, the better!

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  1. This is an interesting one for non-Finns. Early Scandinavian and German traders in Finland sold goods, tools and weapons for the country’s most precious resource – soft animal furs. Raha, the word for pelt in Finnish, came to mean money, and Finnish slang can still refer to cash as ‘oravannahka’, meaning squirrel skins.

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