12 fun maps that show ways Britain’s divided other than on Brexit

Over two years on and Brexit is still dividing the UK. While an ever-increasing number are now supporting the idea of staying in the EU, they’ll always be a split. But that’s nothing new. The UK has always been divided in loads of different ways.  These fantastic maps, created by reddit user generalscruff take a tongue-in-cheek look at twelve.


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  1. No the accent thing is rubbish. Birmingham has a repellent accent, certainly not posh. And the Glasgow accent far more signifies imminent violence than Geordie

  2. This is funny, I come from one of the regions that makes a good target, yet I can appreciate the humour. It’s not an attack, it’s a light-hearted look at old stereotypes that aren’t particularly damaging.

  3. I can’t believe anyone thinks Fife has a pretentious and stuck-up accent. I can barely understand it and I’m from there!

  4. Shame we’ll never know the colours of the islands. The Isle of Wight and Outer Hebrides have some special characteristics !

  5. Obviously conceived by a public school educated, RP., horse owning, inter bred, upper class chinless wonder, wearing green wellies and tweed hacking jacket, a bored home counties journo’ .. trans gender, advocating compulsory abortion for the north, and a barbed wire fence a north of Watford.

  6. Good grief, lighten up, people. Nothing in this is meant to be serious. The British sense of humour is typified by an ability to laugh at ourselves. We are the nation of The Goons, Monty Python and The Goodies.

    • Spot on Chris – the humourless responses here reflect why the country is in such a depressing political mess right now. GET A LIFE YOU LOT – LOOSEN UP AND SMILE FFS!

  7. I love the absurdity of the Scottish Highlands being dependent on Greggs! Maybe 1, 2beyond Inverness but there’s bigger things to worry about

  8. Ah folks it is humour, not based on research. Unclench your teeth, fists, sphincters whatever and breath in…

  9. I’m not British but lived here for decades. Love the maps and love some of the comments above! Exactly why I fell in love with Monty P. and Faulty Towers and Keeping up appearances… 🙂

  10. Quite humorous and sometimes fairly accurate. As a dweller of the south Lake District I tend to disagree with your description of depressing post industrial wasteland! Perhaps somebody needs to get out more.

  11. Love this. As a geordie girl living amongst in bred farmers im truley not offended. In fact there may be some truth in it

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