11 perfect new jobs for Nigel Farage as suggested by Twitter

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Nigel Farage has resigned as leader of UKIP… again. Last time it was when he got trounced in the 2015 general election, failing to win a seat in parliament for a record 7th time. This year it’s after his huge mouth, and even larger lies, helped contribute to the greatest example of collective self-harm in British history, Brexit. Needless to say, the UK has been broken by the news and in an effort to soothe Farage’s woes Twitter has been suggesting new jobs for him, (despite the fact he’ll still be “earning” 78 thousand a year as an EU MEP). These are 11 of the best.

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  1. He’s an investment banker after all, so he will just keep fucking over people like he did all his political life

    • No, that has already been assigned to the TRAITORS of Britain, who wanted to shackle us to a corrupt anti-democratic organisation, which thinks its a country, hence a national anthem, a flag and a parliament!

      • The only traitors are clueless fanatics like you who will are trying to destroy the UK because you can’t be bothered to do the most basic research. Only an utter fuckwit would accuse the EU of being anti-democratic and then whine about it having a parliament in the same breath. Happily, you’re on the losing side of history as ever more people are realising the suicidal idiocy of your Little Englander circle jerk.

      • Oh dear. FabSuzeBirds post is that post you make when you don’t even know that the EU works THE SAME as how UK government works but one is undemocratic and the other isn’t!!!
        And here you are, banging on about it being undemocratic and then whinging about the PARLIAMENT which you elect a MEP to REPRESENT YOU? Seriously, did you get starved of oxygen during birth or something to be this stupid and ignorant?
        I say that because clearly at no time have you ever bothered to actually find out how it works. And just because you clearly have never voted for a MEP doesn’t make the EU undemocratic. .
        And you think the EU is corrupt when Brexit is mainly about rich Tories avoiding the new EU anti-tax avoidance legislation?
        Oh my, quitters are comedy gold at times. It is just so sad they are so fanatically dumb and ignorant of the facts and it is going to hurt a lot of poor and vulnerable people because people like this choose to buy the bullshit and believe they are right.
        And those of us who have more than one working brain cell and can see the impending damage and want to fight this unbelievably stupid self harm exercise are the traitors? Nope, FabSuzeBird, it is those like you who buy the bullshit and want to hurt the country for their own selfishness that are the traitors. :/ Last I checked we were a democracy where people were entitled to have an opposing view. Yet most quitters call people like me a traitor and suggest we should be silent and not oppose this. How very fascist of you.

  2. Strange how some people think that the EU parliament is undemocratic. Nigel (earning a huge EU salary, but doing no work to deserve it) Farage was allowed to hurl childish insults to others in that parliament, and yet he would never have been allowed to say such things in the House of Commons. And now the vile Tories are on a power grab to enact laws by bypassing parliament, and all in the name of Brexit: a project apparently all about re-establishing the sovereignty of the British parliament! All those who voted leave have been taken for a ride. We need a second referendum!!! Urgently.

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