11 wonderful websites that’ll keep you happy for hours


Have you run out of fun websites to browse while procrastinating? Sometimes the most entertaining and amusing sites are the ones that few people know about. We’ve decided to share our finest selection of obscure procrastination material, ranging from small sites for a quick break to incredibly immersive sites where you might spend hours. Some are old and some are new, but each one is perfect for spending many happy mind-expanding hours online.

For maximum procrastination, be sure to check out 16 super cool things you can do on the Internet for free afterwards!

1. Your World of Text.

If you’ve ever wondered what the bathroom walls of the Internet would look like, this is for you. An infinite grid of text that anyone can edit.

World of Text

2. Do Not Touch

Become part of a very cool crowd-sourced music video for the song Kilo by Light Light, in which you and other users follow on-screen instructions and use your cursors to work together.

3. The Official Ninja Webpage

Get your facts about ninjas straight.

4. You’re getting old!

Enter your birth date and get a bunch of nifty info that reminds you just how old you’re getting. Simple yet effective!



5. Plink

Plink is a multiplayer music experience where you and other users can create beats in real time. Choose an instrument and start jamming!


6. The Useless Web

Tons of useless websites are just one randomized click away!

7. Globe Genie

Travel the world from your desk by “teleporting” to randomized Google Maps locations.

8. Pointer Pointer

I won’t ruin the surprise for you, just be prepared to be awed by a superbly simple site and the amount of time you’ll likely spend there.

9. The Akinator

If you haven’t seen this one yet, be sure to check it out. You’ll be equal parts amazed and frustrated.


10. Incredibox

Form a group of animated human beatboxes and make some music.

11. End of the Internet

That’s it, you’re done.

What do you think? Did these get you as happy as Larry. We sure hope so. And if there’s any sites you think should be added to the list, less us know down below.



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  1. I found some of these websites worth spending a little time on. I even shared them. It’s always refreshing to see things that are new to you. I enjoyed checking out the sites.

  2. The things some people can dream up when they have way too much free time, but then again we all need to chill and have some fun every now and again

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